Label SOS — Completed in Time for Print

Tap~Root offers dietary supplement label compliance services to review the labels of food and supplements for FDA food label compliance.  This case study highlights our ability to work with start-up companies as they delve into the natural foods and supplements industries.



A start-up company in the natural supplements industry, Ambrosia Sciences, had designed their labels, but did not have the in-house expertise to review the labels for regulatory compliance…. and they were imminently going to print.


DSHEA label compliance expert, Risa Schulman, PhD, reviewed the labels within 2 days, generating a clear report noting the needed changes, along with explanations of why the change was needed and suggestions of how to bring the language or design into regulatory compliance and still highlight the selling points in a scientifically accurate and consumer-compelling way.


The labels went to press on time, and the product story is strong… minus the red flags.

Our DSHEA label compliance experts ensure that the mandatory food labeling requirements are met in the food package design of your natural food products and supplements.

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