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Natural antiperspirants: dream or reality by Philip B Klepak, Barbara M Schmidt PhD

In recent years, some products of plant origin have been shown to be effective chemotherapeutic agents demonstrating measureable biological activity without exerting undesirable side effects. This article addresses whether some plants contain sufficient bioactive phtyochemicals that could function as ‘natural’ antiperspirants when applied from a topical formulation. article/PDF

2 Part Series What’s In Your Baby’s Formula? You May Already Know

Risa Schulman’s articles appears on WebMD for the Wellness Advisory Panel for Plum Organics. This 2-part series will help demystify what’s in baby’s formula. The two articles are:

  • PART I: Baby Formula: 3 Ingredients to Know
  • PART II: The Micronutrients

Getting Comfortable in the Gray Area: Absolutes are a Rare Commodity in Science

Written for the Nutrition Business Journal, June 2016. Unfortunately, this is a paid journal so you can’t get to actual article unless you have a subscription.

Focus on trust just what the natural products industry needs

Author Risa Schulman, PhD for New Hope Network

Martha Rogers’ keynote speech at the Natural Products Expo West inspired me to write a piece on IdeaXchange because her exploration of the concept of trust is relevant to all of us in the industry. With our reputation at stake, we must continue to prove ourselves both trustworthy and trustable. Read the article

Science Illiteracy and the Fallacy of the PubMed Punchup: Don’t Let the Numbers Fool You into Mediocre Product Development.

Author Risa Schulman, PhD for Nutrition Business Journal

Only a portion of companies have a science person on the development team to help them really understand what that research is saying.  Leaving aside unsubstantiated or non-compliant claims (which are prone to happen when the science is not understood well), I wanted to focus on one particular inaccuracy which I see all the time. I call it the PubMed punch-up.


“Risa’s contributed columns for SupplySide R&D Insights and for Natural Products INSIDER had a great tone of voice while conveying information execs need to consider when developing and marketing dietary supplement or food/beverage products.” -Heather Granato, Vice President, Content, Health & Nutrition Network at VIRGO

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