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The Tap Root consulting team brings decades of experience in the natural products industry, turning scientific evidence into successful functional foods, dietary supplements, and cosmeceuticals, in a demanding marketing and regulatory environment.

Combining science with powerful storytelling and compliant messaging, to differentiate your products so they become winners on the store shelves.

Become competitive in the natural products industry

  • How do I tell my story without getting into regulatory trouble?
  • How do I create messaging and labels that communicate benefits, given regulatory limitations?
  • I’m investing in natural products companies, how do I evaluate their science and regulatory soundness?
  • How can I fill the gaps in my science to make stronger claims?
  • Where do I find the right people to assist my small team?
  • I’m newly entering this industry, where can I find the guidance I need to develop and launch a product successfully?

Strategic Scientific and Regulatory Consulting Guidance can help both Established and Startup companies if:

  •  You need strategic help developing your product platform and claims messaging
  •  You are looking to invest in or acquire a natural products company
  •  You are expanding into functional foods and dietary supplements and need an industry expert to guide you
  •  You are an international company seeking guidance on how to enter the US market

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