Tap Root natural product clientsFollowing is a shortlist of some of our clients in the natural health industry, ingredient suppliers, and some start-up businesses. These clients are dietary supplement manufacturers, nutritional ingredient suppliers, natural product start-ups, and companies in the cosmeceutical industry.  Our science consultants work with them to provided guidance, marketing, product development,  audit support, and claims substantiation.

We’ve also worked with investors and provided due diligence projects as well as audit projects.

Our clients from various sectors of the Natural Products industries include companies and research firms across the Continental USA. We have international clients and are currently working with businesses in Europe, Israel, and Australia.

Natural Health • Ingredients Suppliers • Start-up Businesses

Natural Health Clients

solgar Plum Organics pharmavite BioPharmaX
pom wonderful  Standard Process herbalife Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals PRN

Ingredients Suppliers

PLT Health Solutions kaneka anderson global group
Omni Active Health Technologies
artemis bergstrom DianaPlantSciences, Inc

Natural Products Start-Up Businesses

ixcela_logo dogswell Image result for New zealand plant and food Empire Medicinals
 wellegen 21 drops Venis Royal
Ambrosia Sciences nibmor INNO-BEV

The above list is just a few of the many companies that we’ve worked with. If you are interested in understanding how science, strategy, and compliance can help your business, please contact us!

 Some of our client projects have been documented in the form of case studies to identify their business challenges and how Tap Root helped them. Please check out the projects on our Case Studies and also our Testimonials page.

Contact us to find out how we can help your business!