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In addition to health claims research and support, science and regulatory consultants of Tap~Root have written articles, blogs, and pieces about the need to design strong health claims.

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Totality of the evidence: The Bayer v. FTC legacy

Totality of the evidence: The Bayer v. FTC legacyAuthor Risa Schulman, PhD for NewHope360

While the happy victory of the court decision in Bayer v. US (FTC) still rings in our ears, business marches on, and we ask: How do we integrate elements of the court decision regarding adequate scientific substantiation into our own decision making? Even without it being mandated, two randomized, controlled trials had been the de facto highest standard for those wishing to err heavily on the side of conservatism regarding their claim substantiation risk. This recent ruling may seem to “give permission” to drop this high standard, but should that be the case?… read the full article

Antioxidant Makeover: Have Antioxidant Health Claims Lost Credibility?

Author Risa Schulman, PhD and Barbara Schmidt, PhD

In recent years, antioxidants have been added to an array of food, beverages and supplements for their perceived health benefits. However, advances in the research on antioxidants have made the antioxidant claims have made the antioxidant story less straightforward than many think.  Ingredients with antioxidant claims, while still scientifically valid in some cases, are due for a makeover.  Read the article in Nutrition Industry Executive

3 PART Series for Supply Side R&D Insights

Author Risa Schulman, Phd
Part 1 – Health Claims: Science and Science-ability PDF
Part 2 – Health Claims: Unity and the Design Process PDF
Part 3 – Health Claims: The Claim Substantiation Dossier PDF

Designing Strong Health Claims

Author Risa Schulman, PhD for Natural Products Insider
Not a day goes by without some news about health claims dominating the headlines. Whether it’s the newest class action suit, the potentially game-changing developments coming out of POM Wonderful v. FTC, or the latest controversial EFSA ruling, the regulatory environment is wild and woolly. It’s the continued evolution of a channel that has undoubtedly come a long way, but is still in the process of establishing its position in the world. Read the article on

What’s in a Claim?

Author Risa Schulman, PhD for WholeFoods Magazine
The WholeFoods Magazine seeks to inform and educate natural products retailers on dietary supplements, herbs, HBC, homeopathy, foods. The article “What’s in a Claim?” is about structure functional claims for the supplement industry as the supplement industry sales are booming and consumers are looking to understand before making their purchases.
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