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Consulting Services

Tap~Root offers consulting services for claims research and support for the functional foods, dietary supplements and cosmeceutical industries.

Health Claims Review & Recommendation

Sleep well knowing your claims are the best they can be without crossing over the line

Derive potential claims from research (or check the ones you already have), suggest potential claim language and rate its strength, work with marketing, legal etc. to finalize.

Health Claims Substantiation Dossier

Unique methodology endorsed by foremost food regulatory lawyers provides multi-purpose bang for the buck

Write a claim substantiation dossier to create an official document explaining and laying out health benefit claims for a given product for both regulatory and business purposes.

Read this claims substantiation dossier case study.

Research Strategy, Study Design and Execution

Design for both rigorous science and maximum utility for health claims

Development of your research strategy; assistance with research design to ensure maximum usability for claims; identification and liaising with well-matched CROs/universities.


About the claim substantiation written by Risa: “Our customers didn’t realize they could say all these things. They said no ingredient supplier provided information as helpful and thorough.” –John Jarmul, Marketing Manager, Kaneka Nutrients, Texas

“Rather than relying on our summaries, Risa takes the initiative to delve into our data, understand the science and work from a position of greater knowledge. Her input has been greatly appreciated.”  Tim Ellis, Chief Science Officer at Horizon Science Pty Ltd, Australia

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