Wowing Ingredient Buyers with a Claim Substantiation Dossier

How a claim substantiation dossier allowed an ingredient supplier to create new and hard-hitting message points with confidence, and to provide a substantiation document to their customers that went far beyond expectations, streamlined messaging and helped make more sales.

ubiquinol Risa SchulmanSITUATION
World-wide exclusive supplier of ubiquinol (the new Coenzyme Q10) Kaneka Nutrients wanted to be sure that they were using their extensive science properly and to its fullest extent to help sell their product. The nutritional ingredient supplier hired Tap~Root to prepare a claim substantiation dossier for FDA compliance.

The preparation of the claim substantiation dossier involved a comprehensive literature review of the science and existing marketing claims to determine their compliance and to generate any additional claims, with the final deliverable being a full write up of the substantiation and a list of the claims. This was done according to a unique methodology developed by Risa over years of writing such dossiers that has been endorsed by leading law firms. The dossier contained 9 categories and over 50 substantiated claims, a number of which were new and powerful ways to communicate the ingredient’s benefit.

The claim substantiation dossier allowed the marketing department to create new and hard-hitting message points with confidence that could be used to generate a strong and consistent story across their marketing/PR/sales efforts. They also decided to provide a shortened version of the dossier as a value-add to their existing and potential customers. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with comments ranging from, “I didn’t know we could say all these things,” to, “Nobody else has ever given us something so helpful and comprehensive when it comes to claims. This will help us sell product.”

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