Guiding New Entrants into the Dietary Supplement Industry

This case study describes how Tap~Root assisted a pharmaceutical company newly entering the industry in the process of developing a new dietary supplement line.

A large pharmaceutical company tasked an internal team with developing a supplement line to launch the company into the dietary supplement sector. While the team had strong competencies stemming from their pharmaceutical work, they understood that there were large gaps in their understanding of dietary supplement development, the market, and how to play in it. They needed help in all these areas.

The company hired Tap~Root to be their brain trust as they moved through the process of developing the dietary supplement. Risa Schulman, an expert in the science and regulatory requirements for new natural products companies assisted this new dietary supplement division:

  • Preparing thorough reports on ingredients for 3 pre-determined health areas including the strength of the science and the potential claims for each ingredient
  • Researching the necessary intake levels for ingredients of interest
  • Educating the team on regulatory issues and generating the strongest claims possible
  • Providing industry-specific insight and strategy
  • Assembling a team of 7 key opinion leaders (KOLs) with different areas of expertise to provide the know-how they were missing
  • Organizing and co-chairing a 1 day advisory board meeting with the KOLs to vet the team’s strategy, product formulations and product concepts and immerse them in the dietary supplement industry
  • On-call for ongoing consultations

While the team is still in the developmental process, they have received very positive feedback from their credulous upper management. In a climate of tight funding, they were the only exploratory team to receive funding for a 1 day advisory board meeting. The team lead acknowledged to the boss that they, “couldn’t have done it without Risa.”

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