Helping Natural Products Investors With Their Due Diligence and Evaluations

One of the areas Tap~Root is now being sought after for is assisting investment bankers with their evaluations of natural products companies.  We had great fun with this assignment and wanted to share it with you as a case study.

An investment company, NGEN Partners, was looking at putting money into a dietary supplement company. They were great at evaluating it from a business point of view, but did not have the expertise to assess if the claims and website copy were scientifically accurate and regulatory compliant.  This was critical to their decision making given the importance of compliance in this climate of FDA crackdown and increased consumer awareness. What these natural products investors needed was guidance with regulatory due diligence.

The company brought Tap~Root in to perform due diligence on the large product line.  Dr. Schulman devised an efficient and effective way to do the assessment, zeroing in on the information that would be most key to giving us the insights and checks needed (not easy considering a large product line and extensive marketing materials).  She worked together with both the investor’s team and the target company’s team to gather the needed information.

Her final report was clearly structured, very readable and quite full of practical assessments, and was used to facilitate the resolution of outstanding issues that moved the deal to closure under a tight deadline.


TESTIMONIAL: “We engaged Tap~Root to evaluate the regulatory compliance and capabilities of a dietary supplement company we were considering for investment. From the beginning, I was impressed with Risa’s ability to listen to and understand our needs. Her methods were very effective, zeroing in on the key information that would give us the insights and recommendations we needed to support our diligence process. Her final report was very well structured, contained pragmatic recommendations and thoroughly met our objectives. Risa was a pleasure to work with and represented our firm well in her discussions with the target company. Her breadth of expertise, trustworthiness and warm personality are a great combination, and we won’t hesitate to bring her in again in the future.” Senior Associate, NGEN Partners

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