Newsletter: Polyphenols, FDA-Compliant, & Claims Substantiation Report


Tap Root Quarterly newsletter includes Polyphenols: Their Time to Shine, Is Your Website FDA-Compliant? and a reminder to ask for your free report on claims substantiation.

Polyphenols: Their Time to Shine?

Polyphenols are responsible for many of the colors, tangy flavors and health benefits we covet in natural products, yet their promotional debut five years ago was disappointing. In a Natural Products Insider article on “Polyphenol Promotion,” Dr. Schulman explains how new information and new ways to communicate about polyphenols are now creating a promising climate for this “super group” of natural chemical compounds. Watch future issues of Natural Products Insider for Dr. Schulman’s upcoming article about enzymes.

Is Your Website FDA-Compliant?

Most companies thoroughly review their product labeling for regulatory compliance, but did you know you should be taking the same care with your website? The FDA considers your website copy an extension of your product labeling, so if your website includes claims, make sure they meet regulatory standards, too. Read “A Regulatory ‘Pheeeewwww’,” a recent Tap~Root case study, to learn more.

Reminder: Ask for Your Free Report on Claims Substantiation

One of the benefits of being on Tap~Root’s email list is a free copy of “What a Claim Substantiation Dossier Can Do for You.” The free report includes valuable information on: Why having a claims substantiation dossier is important What makes a strong dossier How Tap~Root’s unique methodology can help you develop an FDA due diligence document and strengthen your product platform and communications effort at the same time.