Launching Sophisticated Science Made Easy… and Successful

A messaging expert for natural products communications can translate science to sales – this is especially important when launching a new line. This case study about a consulting engagement to develop marketing and training programs to explain a cutting edge new nutritional supplement line.



Dietary supplement manufacturer Solgar Vitamins was launching a new line of products based on sophisticated science. They needed to make sure that the value and uniqueness of the line was communicated both to their sales force and in turn the retailers and consumers.


Risa prepared briefs of each product for the sales force to educate them on the science and the benefits of each product in layman’s terms, without losing the depth of the product story. She also wrote marketing pieces to be used in the stores to introduce the new concept. Lastly, she developed a training program that she delivered to store owners in over a dozen locations nationally detailing them on the concept of the line and the science and usage of each product.


The retailers were very excited about the line and empowered to sell it – the number of orders for the new program exceeded expectations.

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