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Risa Schulman, PhD has written a number of articles for Kaneka on Ubiquinol.

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Risa Schulman, PhD took her lifelong love of science, people and the fulfillment of potential into a polycareer in R&D, business, health and wellness, and empowering individuals.  She is currently President of Tap~Root, which consults to the dietary supplements and superfoods industry.  Tap-Root’s particular expertise is in the development of products with well-researched health benefits, and the communication of those benefits to non-scientists.  Prior to this, she worked as R&D Director for Mars Botanical, a venture division of Mars, Inc., as part of a leadership team that launched Mars’ first cocoa dietary supplement based on nearly 20 years of scientific research. As Director of Research for POM Wonderful in its infant years, she developed an international research program on the health benefits of pomegranates and a highly successful new health beverage and category.  Dr. Schulman developed plant-based nutritional supplements (1 patented) and managed claim substantiation for 450 SKUs at Wyeth, Solgar Vitamins, and acted as Guest Curator for an exhibit on plant-based medicines in conjunction with Bristol-Myers Squibb at the New Jersey Museum of Agriculture.  She co-authored a book “Pomegranates: Ancient Roots to Modern Medicine,” (Taylor & Francis, 2006) and authored numerous scientific journal articles, white papers, regulatory documents, and over 150 articles for the lay public. She has been an expert reviewer for the American Botanical Council for the past 8 years, and has lectured to varied industry and medical audiences at academic and trade conferences.  Dr. Schulman was also President of Schulman Scientific Consulting, LLC for three years, consulting for national and international nutritional supplement brands and suppliers, biotechnology firms and health-based non-profits.

Dr. Schulman has dedicated significant energies into training and educating, and is respected for her captivating, clear and inspiring style.  She has taught science and nutrition in a number of settings, training a national sales force in the cutting-edge science behind new product concepts, educating multi-disciplined internal business staff in the nutrition and science of their businesses, speaking at trade shows, and providing continuing medical education.

A long-time interest in facilitating human potential and the success of women in science has coalesced into Dr. Schulman providing executive coaching for women scientists in corporations and women entrepreneurs.  These are her favorite clients after doing more general coaching in the past.  Additional activities include the Corporate Task Force for the Association for Women in Science and being founder and chair of Generation Health, a women’s health education organization in New York City that presented day-long conferences.  She has also mentored college and graduate student women in biology for decades and gives talks and webinars on careers outside of academia, networking and other topics.

Dr. Schulman holds a BS in Biology from Tufts University, a Masters of Environmental Science from Yale University and a PhD in Plant Biology from Rutgers University.

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