Focus on trust just what the natural products industry needs

Trustworthy & Trustable – Both Essential Martha Rogers’ keynote speech at the Expo inspired me to write a piece on IdeaXchange because her exploration of the concept of trust is relevant to all of us in the industry. With our reputation at stake, we must continue to prove ourselves both trustworthy and trustable. Natural Products … Read more

Science illiteracy and the fallacy of the “PubMed punch-up”

Only a portion of companies have a science person on the development team to help them really understand what that research is saying. Leaving aside unsubstantiated or non-compliant claims (which are prone to happen when the science is not understood well), I wanted to focus on one particular inaccuracy which I see all the time. … Read more

The hemp and marijuana revolution: A testing ground for supplements to get it right?

It’s a big story that’s only getting bigger: the mainstreaming of hemp and marijuana for health purposes. And as with many pioneering (read: pushing the envelope) products, first attempts are a mix of baby steps, out-of-steps and missteps. As a botanical coming out of its black market status, hemp/marijuana is all over our industry, but … Read more