Antioxidant Makeover: Have Antioxidant Claims Lost Credibility?

ARTICLE: Antioxidant Makeover

In recent years, antioxidants have been added to an array of food, beverages and supplements for their perceived health benefits.

However, advances in the research on antioxidants have made the antioxidant claims have made the antioxidant story less straightforward than many think.

Ingredients with antioxidant claims, while still scientifically valid in some cases, are due for a makeover.

My colleague Dr. Barbara M. Schmidt and I explore the science behind antioxidant claims in this article in Nutrition Industry Executive.

We caution that many uses of the term are outdated and show where the potential lies for new product claims going forward.

Article “Antioxidant Makeover” published in the Nutrition Industry Executive, by Barbara M. Schmidt, PhD and Risa Schulman, PhD, in the Nutraceuticals section.