The Dark Issue 2

The cover story of the NBJ’s Dark Issue 2 explored, among other things, whether industry efforts to step up their regulatory game will be hindered by the Trump administration’s new legislation restrictions and allow non-compliant, poor quality supplements to come to market.

The Dark Issue 2I weighed in with what could be a positive side of the new era:

“Science and regulatory consultant Risa Schulman at Tap~Root believes part of that story can be told in the science, and the loosening of the regulatory stranglehold that the proposed NDI guidance represented could free up money for new innovation based on better research.

Schulman saw solid scientific efforts put on hold while companies geared up to contend with NDI notifications. Those projects are proceeding now, she says.

“There may be more money for science, too, Schulman predicts. If promised tax breaks are realized, that money might be invested in innovation. “’If there is more cash around, the some of it could flow to science.”