Manage & Balance

Ixcela: The Internal Fitness Company, is an early stage biotech startup new to the dietary supplement world.

They are leveraging novel, in-depth, science into a personal medicine and supplement business model.

The company “tapped” our experience to:

  • Understand and manage the two sides of their business: the customized dietary supplements and the personal medicine diagnostic tool
  • Grasp the regulatory environment and map out critical steps at this stage of their business development
  • Identify gaps in their team expertise, and leverage my network to bring in the right consultants
  • Serve as ongoing regulatory consultant and official regulatory reviewer for public-facing communications, including the company website, labels and documents


“Risa came highly recommended to us by several biotech contacts in the industry. She understood our science and business concept very quickly and was able to identify critical regulatory gating steps that we needed to navigate and take on early to ensure our business viability. She guided us through required filings, even recommending additional legal expertise when needed.

Risa helped us understand what scientific research we still needed in order to launch our product and how our general timeline would be impacted by the necessary regulatory procedures. Risa and her team were invaluable in vetting our product labels, marketing elements, and website for regulatory compliance. Tap~Root’s contribution to us at this early stage has been critical.

“Perhaps most importantly, Risa is a great business partner and colleague. She is detailed, prompt, clear, sets expectations and is an absolute joy to work with. She understands and respects the financial limitations faced by a small startup and is always completely upfront with costs, setting expectations appropriately and sticking to them. She treats our business like it is her own. We have loved working with her and look forward to our continued partnership.”

Erica Ebbel Angle
Ixcela CEO