Post-acquisition transition: Updating label claim substantiation

Case Study on Lable Claim Substantiation

Tap~Root helps create a system and provide the extra manpower to deliver on a massive label claim substantiation project.


A large CPG made an acquisition of a supplement company for which Tap~Root had helped with due diligence.  New management was committed to upgrading the labels of several legacy lines and more recent products for claims and general compliance, numbering approximately 150 SKUs in a year’s time.  The existing team needed an approach, extra hands and expert guidance.


Tap~Root worked with the Product Development team to create a high throughput process for thorough and accurate review and documentation of claims in a format and system that could be best used by all stakeholders.  Tap~Root executed on the research and substantiation documentation for claims, including detailed input from Marketing, Regulatory and Legal teams.   


All labels were updated with alignment from stakeholder parties and with Tap~Root’s high quality, usable substantiation documentation, organized into a shared electronic system.  The process allowed for the establishment of company policy on numerous regulatory issues and a streamlined process for claims development or defense going forward.  The project was finished within the year timeframe.

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