“Next Generation” Claims Dossier Makes an Essential Contribution to Ingredient Transparency

PLT Health SolutionsTap~Root partners with PLT Health Solutions

Recently PLT Health Solutions, Inc. announced that it has published a new claims dossier for its Synapsa™ Natural Memory Support ingredient. This ‘next generation’ dossier is a novel multidisciplinary, risk-informed approach to developing and using claims in the marketing of a natural ingredient.

For the Synapsa claims dossier, PLT engaged the services of Tap~Root to provide an impartial review of the validity of the science supporting Synapsa claims. “Our work with Risa Schulman and Tap~Root was essential in developing the Synapsa claims dossier,” said Barbara Davis, PhD, RD, Vice President, Medical & Scientific Affairs.

“By combing the science both critically and with a focused eye towards appropriate regulatory use, the dossier presents a high quality, user-friendly assessment of the totality of the literature, providing a firmly informed basis to make claims use decisions with confidence,” said Schulman.

Davis adds, “This next-generation claims dossier is a new way of thinking and communicating about claims that takes into account PLT experience in academia, in consumer product development and in decades of supplying science-supported branded ingredients. We’ve had customers tell us that we can save them 6 months of product development time with this type of documentation,” said Davis. “It also represents a commitment to transparency by PLT. Schulman’s familiarity with the current regulatory environment and the needs of consumer products companies informed her insights and the rigor with which she reviewed our science. We’re excited about the ability of this approach to add real value to our relationships with our customers,” she added.

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