Ingredient Claims Confusion WEBINAR, Essential Resources Guide, and Infographic AVAILABLE NOW

Ingredient Claims Confusion: Strategies for Validation & Building Consumer Trust


Risa Schulman was one of the speakers on the June 21st webinar.  The webinar was attended by 150 people. It was very interactive, there were lots of good questions and practical advice. The essence of the webinar focused on the nitty gritty of making claims in the newly rigorous environment of transparency.

If you missed the webinar it is now available to view any time.

Ingredient Claims Confusion webinar

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Ingredients Claims Infographic-v8Ingredient Claims Confusion Resource/Essentials Guide

The Essential Resource Guide has exactly what you need to know about validated ingredient claims. In the FREE DIGITAL GUIDE we dive into the latest statistics on consumer sentiment, how supplement regulation will likely evolve, and how the industry is responding to damaging media coverage.

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