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Tap~Root is Growing!

  • Introducing Barbara Schmidt, PhD
  • Cosmeceutical Expertise
  • The Emerging Medical Marijuana Industry
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Barbara SchmidtIntroducing Barbara Schmidt, PhD

Tap~Root draws from a highly skilled group of scientists, dieticians and marketers who have specific expertise, education and corporate experience that allow us to create a team focused on your company’s particular needs. As the natural products industry grows to include ever more options for consumers, Tap~Root has also expanded to provide our clients a broader range of services. As part of that growth, we’re excited to highlight Barbara Schmidt, PhD.

Barbara brings a decade of natural product development experience, serving as a project manager and regulatory consultant to the personal care and cosmeceutical industry. She also worked as Global Leader for Plant Biotechnology at L’Oreal, where she searched the globe for new botanical raw materials and natural products for use in the personal care industry.

Her PhD in Phytochemistry is from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. As a postdoctoral associate at Rutgers University, she worked on numerous projects investigating therapeutic properties of natural products around the world. See Barbara’s full bio.

For the past year, Barbara has contributed her expertise to several Tap~Root projects as part of our extended natural products team. She provides guidance on regulatory compliance, product development, project management, and business strategy, including sourcing ingredients and launching cosmeceutical and dietary supplement products. See more about Tap~Root’s services.


Cosmeceutical Expertise

Tap~Root now offers a full range of services to the cosmeceutical industry

There are two ways we can tell that cosmeceuticals are burgeoning: the growing number of inquiries from this industry, and the increased scrutiny it’s receiving from regulatory agencies.

Tap~Root to the rescue! With the addition of Barbara Schmidt as a Tap~Root consultant (see story above), we have extended our scientific, regulatory and marketing services to this special product niche. Here’s what one of our cosmeceutical clients said about their experience with Tap~Root:

“Tap~Root helped us address the challenge of staying true to our brand while helping us remain compliant with current regulations. They are very knowledgeable in the areas of claims substantiation and regulatory compliance and delivered consumer-focused copy in a professional and timely manner, always going that extra step to create a positive end result.” Cary Caster, Founder, 21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy.

The Emerging Medical Marijuana Industry

medical marijuanaWhen New York, Minnesota and Maryland legalized medical marijuana in 2014, they jumped on a fast-moving bandwagon. Twenty-three states and Washington, DC, now have legalized medical marijuana, with almost half the states passing legislation in the past five years. Tap~Root is staying abreast of this emerging industry, expanding our expertise and preparing ourselves to be a resource for clients who choose to enter this market in the future.

Tap~Root founder and president Risa Schulman is currently writing an article about the unique regulatory and marketing issues presented to our industry by medical marijuana. If you’re on our mailing list, we’ll send you a link to her thought leadership when it is published. If a colleague passed this newsletter on to you and you’re not yet on our list, you can sign up here.

healthy, natural products for babiesA Fresh Set of Eyes

Thoughts from Tap~Root’s founder, Risa Schulman

As some of you may be aware, I was on hiatus for a few months for a wonderful reason: I was on maternity leave after giving birth to my first child. In addition to bringing me all the normal joys (and OK, challenges) of being a new mother, this tiny new person in my life is also helping me see the natural products industry through a new set of eyes.

Since I was in college, the idea of using nature to help maintain health has fascinated me, but now, as a mother who wants only the best (and least harmful) things for her child, I feel even more dedicated to using natural products and helping bring them to market for other families to use.

The winter holidays are always a wonderful time to gather with family and appreciate the good things in your life. With both my personal and professional families growing, this year’s holidays were extra special for me. I hope they were for you as well.

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity in the new year.

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