Webinar: Kaneka Ubiquinol® – An Ally for Adult Life Stages

The Webinar is now available ON DEMAND

The Nutraceuticals World Webinar, “Kaneka Ubiquinol® – An Ally for Adult Life Stages,” features presentations by Dr. Risa Schulman and Sid Shastri. This 1-hour Nutraceuticals World webinar took place on February 21st and is now available ON DEMAND. The webinar offered a captivating look into the intricate details of Ubiquinol’s impact on our health.

Kaneka Ubiquinol®

The webinar delves into the fascinating science behind Kaneka Ubiquinol®, highlighting its critical role in heart health, healthy aging, and reproductive health. It explored how Ubiquinol’s function within mitochondrial health underpins many of its benefits, from balancing oxidative stress to maintaining optimal function throughout various adult life stages.

Access the On-Demand Webinar

For those who missed the live event, the one-hour webinar is now available on-demand. Gain access by clicking the button and registering online.

ABOUT Dr. Risa Schulman

Risa Schulman, PhD, is founder and president of Tap~Root, a science and regulatory consulting firm that assists prominent and pioneering natural products companies. In her 25 years in the industry, she also held leadership positions at companies including Mars, Inc., POM Wonderful, and Solgar Vitamins.  She is an advisor to investors and has been a member of the Selection Committee for Nutrition Capital Network.  One of her favorite roles is on science advisory boards, which she has done for McCormick, a large CPG, Plum Organics, ZenB and others. Dr. Schulman has had a long and happy engagement with Kaneka Nutrients – 12 years and counting – and now serving as their Sr. Science and Regulatory Advisor. She makes sure to take her Ubiquinol each day!

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