Newsletter: Supply Side and a 4-Part Series on CoQ10 & Ubinuinol

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Tap-Root’s Four-Part Series on CoQ10 and Ubiquinol in Natural Product Insider

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is high on the list of go-to supplements for savvy, health-conscious consumers.

Its inclusion into functional foods and beverages is the latest trend offering this valuable ingredient to ever more eager consumers, and expanding research into benefits for various diseases will only create further demand.

Read more of Tap-Root’s analysis here:

Part 1 – CoQ10 Candor

Part 2 – CoQ10 vs Ubiquinol

Part 3 – CoQ10 Research Lacks Bioavailability Comparison

Part 4 – Connecting Consumers with CoQ10

A Real Treat at the Museum

There is a wonderful special exhibit going on right now at one of my favorite places in the world — The American Museum of Natural History in NY.

It’s called Our Global Kitchen (see program left, a little worse for the wear!). There you can see:

  • How foods travel across the world to get to our table
  • The average amount different families from around the world spend on food, and a tower showing the amount of food a person wastes in a year
  • The science of taste and smell, complete with interactive cooking and aroma workshops
  • Set tables with a typical meal of various famous people throughout the ages, like Genghis Kahn, Jane Austin, a caveman, a modern athlete
  • Flow charts of the hybrids that have made modern food
  • The different foods used in celebrations around the world

For those of you who will be at Supply Side this week it’s an excellent field trip, not too far from the Javits Center!