Newsletter: Why Tap Root?, Class, Practical Claims Design, & CoQ10 Candor

Why Tap Root?

The tap root of a tree is a central root, longer and stronger than all the others – it goes deep to the source, provides strong support, and anchors the tree when the winds blow. At Tap Root, this is the way we work.

Let us help you develop winning healthy foods and dietary supplements from Science to Regulatory to Shelf

Class Is in Session: Natural Products for Newbies, from Entrepreneur to Pharma Entrant

Nutracon, Wed., March 6, 9:45-10:30, Anaheim Hilton, California. This illuminating talk will serve as a high level “what you need to know” class given by Risa Schulman, PhD. It will cover topics such as the role of science in product development, basic and advanced regulatory pitfalls and how to avoid them, and differentiating your product in a sea of new offerings.

Practical Claims Design: You Know the Regs – Now What Do You Do?

Engredea, Fri, March 8, 9:30-10:15, Anaheim Marriott, Grand Salon CD This talk will cover on-the-ground strategies and methods for designing your claims in a way that is scientifically accurate, regulatory-compliant, and compelling to the consumer. It will also show you how to create a solid product platform and empower your team to execute their roles well.

CoQ10 Candor

This article makes CoQ10 science easy to understand and explains the bioavailability issues facing this ubiquitous nutrient.