Scientific Support for Investment Firms, Bankers, and Lawyers

Scientific support for natural products includes but is not limited to regulatory due diligence, regulatory updates, and compliance through the validation of science. Investment firms, bankers, and lawyers seek scientific support for new projects and clients that they work with.

Regulatory Due Diligence and Scientific Consulting for Natural Products

Tap~Root provides consulting services to assist investment firms, bankers, and lawyers with regulatory due diligence, validation of science, product concept, and scientific and regulatory updating.


Regulatory Due Diligence

Help you assess a company’s level of regulatory compliance and internal regulatory capabilities. Vet the solidity of flagship products, product lines, or claims.

Read a due diligence case study.

Validation of Science and Product Concept

A deep dive into the science behind a company or product concept to assess its strength, market potential, and gaps.


Scientific and Regulatory Updating

Assist newly acquired companies in getting up to speed or moving from good to great. Ongoing guidance is also available.


“We engaged Tap~Root to evaluate the regulatory compliance and capabilities of a dietary supplement company we were considering for investment. From the beginning, I was impressed with Risa’s ability to listen to and understand our needs. Her methods were very effective, zeroing in on the key information that would give us the insights and recommendations we needed to support our diligence process. Her final report was very well structured, contained pragmatic recommendations and thoroughly met our objectives. Risa was a pleasure to work with and represented our firm well in her discussions with the target company. Her breadth of expertise, trustworthiness and warm personality are a great combination, and we won’t hesitate to bring her in again in the future.” –Zubin Canteenwalla, Senior Associate, NGEN Partners, New York

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Scientific Support for Investment Firms, Bankers, and Lawyers. Contact us to discuss how we can provide scientific support for your natural product clients.