Expertise and Guidance

Consulting Services

Tap~Root’s services provide expertise and guidance in functional foods, dietary supplements, and cosmeceuticals. As experts in this field, we can write expert opinion letters and participate in science advisory boards, meetings, and panels.

Expert Opinion Letters

Lend our credibility to yours

Prepare expert letters on technical matters.

Science Advisory Board Participation

When great expertise can make the critical difference

Our long industry experience and connections allow us to assemble top-notch advisory boards with appropriate SMEs. We also chair advisory board meetings and sit on boards.

Expert Panelist

Need a scientific expert for a functional foods or dietary supplement panel?

We can serve as panelists or bring subject matter experts together for panels.



“Serving with Risa on a Scientific Advisory Board, I was impressed with her professionalism and skills in planning, communication, and implementation. She is a genuine scientist with industry know-how.” –Gretchen Vannice, MS, RD, Natural Food Nutritionist, Industry Professional, California

“Tap~Root provided a timely expert opinion on an important technical matter. Her technical knowledge was excellent and she listened carefully to our concerns. If you have technical/scientific needs in the food/supplement arena I would recommend a discussion with Risa.” David Barnes, President at BRWS LLC, Pennsylvania

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