Forward Thinking

The concept of “forward thinking”: seizing opportunities and acting prudently to make the most of them. Our industry is both entrepreneurial and highly regulated – sometimes an uneasy balance, and even more reason to look forward with eyes wide open.

Transparency, Trust, Efficacy

Case Study: Differentiating a New Ingredient

“Tap~Root’s Contribution is Not Just Important – It’s Essential”
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Cautionary Tales

I am regularly invited to contribute to publications and very much enjoy the process of reflecting on our industry. Three recent articles on very different topics share a common theme: that our industry’s reputation with both consumers and regulators depends on transparency and credibility.

The Potential Perils of PubMed

I recently wrote an article in the Nutrition Business Journal advising against the use of the number of PubMed citations returned in order to substantiate claims. It discusses the problem of the superficiality of this approach and its detrimental implications for product development. Important reading for anyone involved in product launch.
Science illiteracy and the fallacy of the “PubMed punch-up”

Have Antioxidant Claims Lost Credibility?

My colleague Dr. Barbara M. Schmidt and I explore the science behind antioxidant claims in this article in Nutrition Industry Executive. We caution that many uses of the term are outdated and show where the potential lies for new product claims going forward. Have Antioxidant Claims Lost Credibility?

Washington and the Natural Industry

I was included in a panel “discussion” in another Nutrition Industry Executive article about priority directions in working with legislators and regulators. I caution that the loss of consumer confidence imperils our industry and praise those who are committed to efficacy. Washington and the Natural Industry

Forward Thinking with Tap~Root

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