Author Contribution in Ubiquinol eBook

Unlocking Cellular and Heart Health Benefits With Ubiquinol

I co-authored the free ebook “Unlocking Cellular and Heart Health Benefits with Ubiquinol” with Sid Shastri, MSc and Dr. Andrew Freeman. I contribute the second chapter “Highways of the Heart: Ubiquinol, LDL Cholesterol, and the Endothelial Cell Lining”.

Kaneka Nutrients, a Division of Kaneka North America produced the book for healthcare practitioners to understand the clinically researched health benefits of Ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is the body’s preferred form of coQ10. 

Learn more about the beneficial role of Ubiquinol in supporting heart health

You can download this FREE ebook – here! 

About The co-author Risa Schulman, PhD

Risa Schulman, PhD, founder of Tap-Root (, is a functional food and dietary supplement expert, and a professional speaker and writer with 20 years in the industry. Her company offers consultation to corporations on product development, health claim substantiation and business strategy. Dr. Schulman’s experience includes working with prominent and pioneering food and dietary supplement companies, ingredient suppliers, and companies shifting into these spaces from other industries, including biotech and pharma.

Dr. Schulman is a published author of scientific journal articles and a technical book Pomegranates: Ancient Roots to Modern Medicine (co-editor, Taylor & Francis, 2006) and has penned numerous technical and thought leadership articles and blogs in industry publications. She sits on science advisory boards and is on the editorial and planning board for New Hope Natural Media. Dr. Schulman holds a PhD in Plant Biology from Rutgers University, a Master of Environmental Science from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science (pre-med) from Tufts University

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