Development and Launch of Functional Foods, Dietary Supplements and Cosmeceuticals

Consulting Services

Consulting services to develop and launch functional foods, dietary supplements, and cosmeceuticals.

Strategy & Guidance

An industry veteran as your right hand

Particularly valued by new groups or companies newly moving into the dietary supplement/functional food space, this service provides strategic, industry and scientific guidance, cogent reports, team and KOL building and any of the services below.

Research, Review, and Recommendation

Ensures your product premise is built on strong scientific ground

Review of literature by the company and/or others and provide an analysis of the state of the research for your health benefit and the health claims and product stories it supports.

Product Design

Make sure the product lives up to your vision for it

Design your product around claims and other value-adds. This can include: ingredient selection and justification; analysis of optimal intake levels based on the scientific literature; ingredient sourcing; positioning strategy by target market;

Label Review

An expert set of eyes on your label

Dietary supplement, food and cosmetics label review for regulatory compliance of health claims and general labeling laws.

SME Identification

Small, new and looking for consultants in several areas?

Intended for entrepreneurs or established companies newly moving into the industry. Hook into our extensive network and bring in high level consultants with the specific expertise needed for your process, or key opinion leaders for your advisory board.



“Risa has been a great partner in bringing our product to market. Risa is very quick to digest complex materials and easily discusses these at different levels with many different types of audiences, from R&D scientists to marketing/management. Risa is versatile and able to function in different capacities. For me, one of the most helpful aspects was her role as a mentor to help me learn to perform a first pass regulatory review with more objective criteria. All of her communication is clear, crisp, and responsive. Her logical, thoughtful, and consistent manner is well grounded in regulatory experience and a love for communicating scientific and clinical concepts. I truly have enjoyed working with her and hope that I continue to have the opportunity to do so.”  Kehl Sink, Program Director at BioPharmX, California

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