Report from Nutracon

Nutracon was a great success again this year; I always appreciate the intimate environment (compared to the zoo that Expo West is) and loved learning about the new trends (innovation vs reduction nutrition), new science (probiotics, moving along!), and new challenges facing the industry (making sure R&D and marketing come together – is that a new challenge?).

My talk at Nutracon, Natural Products for Newbies, was a 101-type class for those moving into the industry from the outside, meaning pharma, CPG and entrepreneurs.  The most appreciated section was on the blind spots that I’ve seen many of my clients trip over.

Here’s one: Thinking the product development and marketing processes used in [fill in your industry] will work for a natural product.

A caveat to that one: Thinking that translating science into product benefits is done the same way as in pharma/OTC.

My talk at Engredea, Practical Claims Design,  was an advanced class.  You can hear about the latest in warning letters and red flag areas, but what happens when you go home and have to get down to it?

One of the tips that I stressed: Beginning claims development early in the product development process, and making sure to involve R&D, regulatory and marketing as you go along.  This will allow everybody’s input to be integrated, creating a strong base for the product and team unity.  Read more about this in my article Health Claims: Unity and the Design Process.

Already thinking about my talk for next year!!