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natural products roadmap strategyInnovation is hard enough. But coming up with a great product concept or ingredient is just the start. Launching it successfully requires thoughtful planning and a well-considered strategy. What is the best way to position the offering? Differentiate from competitors? What in your science could become a compelling story? How to make a splash in the marketplace?

These are among the questions that the Tap~Root team answers in every Strategic Direction Document. We work closely with our clients to uncover the inner strengths of their products, and apply a powerful synthesis of science, regulatory, communications, and market knowledge. The result is a strategic roadmap that enables staff and consultants to work seamlessly and speak with one voice. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together into an actionable plan is a key advantage of working with Tap~Root. Ongoing support from our experienced team is another.

Here’s what a satisfied customer has to say:

“Risa understands the key success factors for new product innovation (science, regulatory and market). Her ability to synthesize a wide range of often conflicting information and then translate it into a language understandable to the business side, is a most valuable asset to any company, certainly our own. For companies who grasp the importance of uncompromising integrity, Risa’s contribution is not just important, it is essential. We are working on a much more complex new product development where Risa’s ability to point us in the right direction is proving most valuable.” ~ Gary Brenner, Business and Sales Development, Algatechnologies, Ltd.

Clearing Away the Smoke Around Marijuana and Hemp

Without a doubt, legalization of marijuana offers a huge potential opportunity for our industry. But bringing marijuana and hemp (closely related but differently regulated) into the marketplace also presents significant challenges. My recent article unravels the complexity and discusses the current role of the natural products industry in the unfolding story

“It’s a big story that’s only getting bigger: the mainstreaming of hemp and marijuana for health purposes. And as with many pioneering (read: pushing the envelope) products, first attempts are a mix of baby steps, out-of-steps and missteps. As a botanical coming out of its black market status, hemp/marijuana is all over our industry, but its history and regulatory conundrums make it not your ordinary “next new thing.” What can or should the role of the hemp/marijuana saga be in the natural products industry at this stage?”

read the full article “The hemp/marijuana revolution: A testing ground for supplements to get it right?”

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