What’s In Your Baby’s Formula? You May Already Know

This 2-part series will help demystify what’s in baby’s formula.

Article By: Risa Schulman, PhD,
Wellness Advisory Panel member for Plum Organics
Risa Schulman on Plum Organics Advisory Committee


Baby Formula: 3 Ingredients to Know

article by Risa Schulman on Web MDIn this first part of this 2-part series Risa Schulman, a science consultant for natural products and a member of the Wellness Advisory Panel for Plum Organics looks at the major components of baby food and other ingredients that fuel baby’s amazing healthy growth and development in the first year of life. More about Carbohydrates, Fats, and Proteins…. in the article


What’s in your baby formula?

In Part II, we’ll look at the micronutrients – all those minerals and vitamins, plus additional components like DHA – that make up the ‘less than 1%’ ingredients you see on the product label. … read What’s In Your Baby’s Formula? Part 2: TheMicronutrients…. in the article on WebMD